Video Footage FAQ
1. Where I can use the videos on the different formats you have?

2. What is the difference of Full HD and HD only?

3. What is broadcast quality? Which video footage size do I have to secure?

4. What does FPS mean?

5. What are PAL and others NTSC formats? What's the difference?

6. How do I purchase video footage?

7. How do I download footage from

8. How do I redownload the file? My download did not complete, how do I redownload the file?

9. I tried to download my file but when I clicked on the "Download" link it starts playing in a separate window

10. What format are the files from delivered in?

11. What software can I use to edit and manipulate the video files downloaded from

12. My question is not addressed here, where can I go to get more answers?